Why To Chose PCBN Metal Cutting Tools
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Why To Chose PCBN Metal Cutting Tools


PCBN metal cutting tools can also be divided into welding PCBN tools and indexable PCBN blade two categories.

Welding type PCBN tool is the PCBN insert blank welded on the steel matrix by grinding, mainly turning tool, boring tool, reamer, and so on. PCBN tools are mostly used for wear-resistant ferrous metal processing, so the tool Angle can not be too small, the tool rectangle is generally -5° ~ 5°, the back Angle is generally 3° ~ 10°, intermittent cutting is generally negative chamfering.

PCBN insert of transposition structure (mainly for the lathe tool and milling tool) is generally in a corner of the transposition cemented carbide blade inset welding a PCBN insert blank, by grinding. In consideration of the more expensive and regrinding knife blank and other reasons, generally only made of a knife tip. With the improvement of welding process quality, the shear strength can reach 0.78kg/m². With the PCBN insert blank size smaller and smaller, not regrinding PCBN blade price also decreases. Because PCBN tools have high wear resistance and long life, it is also ground for many times, many customers like to choose PCBN metal cutting tools for product processing.

It needs a tool grinding machine for grinding PCBN inserts. Beijing Demina PCBN tool grinding machine can grind and regrind PCBN cutting tools with high efficiency.

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